Outcome measures

Outcome Measures Working Group

The COMET initiative has championed the development of core outcome measure sets (COS) for clinical trials, defined as “the minimum [number of outcomes] that should be measured and reported in all clinical trials of a specific condition.” Common core study endpoints facilitate pooling of data in meta-analyses and interpreting results of studies whose entry criteria and study populations might be very diverse. Investigators would not be limited to using the COS outcomes, however they would be encouraged to ensure that this information was collected and reported. 

InFACT affiliated core outcome measure sets are under development in the following areas, working in close collaboration with COMET: 

Mechanical ventilation (the COVent study; Bronagh Blackwood) - Protocol published in Trials 16:368, 2015 DOI: 10.1186/s13063-015-0905-9 

Long term outcomes for acute respiratory failure , an NIH-funded initiative led by Dale Needham (www.improvelto.com) 

Closed head injury (Alexis Turgeon) 

Sepsis (Anthony Gordon) 

Subarachnoid hemorrhage (Chris Andersen, Simon Finfer, Jose Suarez, Loch MacDonald) 

Delirium (Louise Rose, Valerie Page) 

Physical Rehabilitation (Bronwen Connolly) 

Cardiac Arrest (Gavin Perkins) 

The Outcome Measures Working Group is developing an organizational structure and funding plan, and welcomes interested InFACT members to become involved in its activities. Meetings have been by web conference call, and a working area of the InFACT website is being developed. 

Executive Members

  • ANZICS Clinical Trials Group
  • BRICNet
  • George Institute
  • GiViTI
  • GSA
  • ICS UK
  • LASI
  • SCCTG-Scottish
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